Pla de Tomet House Family House, Bellver de Cerdanya, 2018


5ª Mostra d'Arquitectura Terres de Lleida - SELECCIONAT


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Família Porta Gómez

Superfície construida
310 m2


Aitor Estévez

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The house resolves the topographic change of the plot through walls that act as terraces. 

This basic strategy allows to have: On the one hand, the access, the garage and all the services at the level of the street, in addition to a large covered space for celebrations; on the other hand, the main thickness of the program to a single level and to the level of the field of back, oriented to the south and with views to the mountain range of the Cadí-Moixer. With everything, it is achieved that the outer space, the garden, has continuity around the whole house. A very compact house that diffuses, interacts and dialogs at all times with the landscape and the environment.

 The main criterion when organizing spaces, interior and exterior, is through privacy sequences.
From the access there is a direct relationship with the porch, which is a space destined for more public and social life, as well as the main service and storage spaces.

Advancing, you reach a family housing space. It can be done through stairs through the garden, or from inside the house, through the basement. In either case you will reach the day area (living room-kitchen-dining room). This is a space with a direct relationship with the exterior and evoked by the views and the radiation of the south sun. From this great space of familiar realization one passes to a new area of privacy: the zone of night.

The rooms, two doubles and one suite with dressing room, are oriented to the east and west to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. The openings are strategically placed to have views of Cadí and la Tossa, symbols of the Pyrenean Cerdanya. The bathrooms are to the north, with small openings that guarantee sufficient light and ventilation without exposing the space to cold and humidity.

Finally, we access the last area of privacy: the low cover. A very cozy and collected space, an intimate space with 360º views, with two exterior corners protected from the weather and the views of neighbors.

La casa resolt el canvi topogràfic de la parcel·la a través d'uns murs que actuen com a feixes.

Aquesta estratègia bàsica permet tenir:  

 1| Per una banda, l’accés, el garatge i tots els serveis a la cota del carrer, a més d'un gran espai cobert destinat a celebracions; 

 2| per altra banda, el gruix principal del programa a una sola cota i al nivell del camp de darrera, orientat a sud i amb vistes a la serralada del Cadí-Moixer.

Amb tot, s'aconsegueix que l'espai exterior, el jardí, tingui continuïtat al voltant de tota la casa. Una casa molt compacta que es difumina, es relaciona i dialoga en tot moment amb el paisatge i l’entorn.

The house resolves the topographic change of the plot through walls that act as terraces. 

This basic strategy allows to have: On the one hand, the...

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